Prps Originals

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It originally began in 1873 with the request for a pair of sturdy, long-lasting pants that could withstand the hardest of work. The tailoring techniques that began that history of denim and jeans that still exist to this day is what sparked the fire that is Prps Jeans. The exceptional care in which clothing was handcrafted back then has been followed, reinvented, and reimagined in our well-made Prps Originals clothing line.

The symbol of the wounded cherub, hurt, but still somehow smiling and going forward on crutches has been a deeply personal representation for us and our fans. It exemplifies the inner angel holding desperately on, bruised but never broken. The cherub to us expresses our core beliefs as creators of wearable art: perfectionism, persistence, and purpose.

This purpose can be seen as well as felt in the flawless stitching of our Prps logo tees, Cherub hoodie, Cherub tees, and across the Originals clothing collection. This lovingly crafted, highly detailed clothing selection has a look, a mood, a style, and a statement for nearly every single day. For an electric mood, pull on our orange cherub tee, for a chill day—both weather and mood—reach for our high-contrast hoodie that's become a Prps collectors must-have.

Covering sizes S to 3XL means any Prps Originals clothing drop will fit our diverse and expressive fans all over the country in a fit that wears like any of our premier bespoke fashions.

We value the process of clothing creations, taking our tailored tees and hoodies and turning them into unique works of art that pay homage to our individuality. As we take our time with our beloved denim, we do the same for all of our innovative garments you can find right here. Other companies may focus on quantity, but we have and will always focus on quality.

If you're looking to reinvent and reimagine yourself this year, look no further than our Prps Originals clothing. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to always be ahead of Prps drops and never miss out again. Contact us any time for any questions, we're here for our cherubs.