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Men's Slim Fit Jeans

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Rows and rows of denim that look all the same on the shelf. In your closet, a pair of jeans that you pick up and look at—then think to yourself, "they just don't make them like they used to." If you've found yourself in that situation and landed here, looking for something different, something made to last, something made like it used to be, then welcome to Prps. You've come to the right place. We make jeans with a purpose.

That purpose is to go back to our roots, to follow the traditional ways of creating denim how its made to be before they became just another mass-produced piece of leisurewear. Made with organic Japanese or Zimbabwean cotton with hand-crafted and old fashioned, labor-intensive techniques that have proven to create slim fit jeans made to last years—these men's jeans are everything denim should be.

Reproduction of the antique ways to dye, whisker, and artfully distress has been followed diligently and with meticulous care for every pair of slim fit jeans in our collection. For the fellow that loves his denim, when it comes to our Le Sabre men's slim-fit jeans he'll never find a pair quite like it. Our signature elaborate back pocket with trademarked, unique fold with an added triangle below the pockets make our jeans distinct amidst others.

Sizes range from 28 up to 44, allowing us to better serve a wide variety of men in all shapes, making our customers feel as if their denim was tailored just for them. Light-washed to light abrasion, artisan bleaching, flawless honeycombing, and more have all been painstakingly crafted by people who love our quality denim as much as you do.

These innovative designs are on-trend for the hottest, most timeless looks that transcend fashion. Our meticulous dedication to the craft can be seen from belt loop to hem, where every detail has been lovingly crafted to the highest quality.

"Bruised, never broken," our mantra can be seen in many of these hand-picked men's slim fit jeans. A tribute to the past with innovations of today, it's time to break away from the rows of impersonal jeans and walk away with a pair of true, hand-crafted denim the way it was meant to be worn.