About us

Established in 2002, Prps single handedly started the rise of the Japanese luxury denim jeans business in America. The brand revolutionized washed & selvedge jeans, through constant research and development, changing the face of mens fashion & celebrity fashion as we know it. Prps has 2 collections that are shaping the men’s and women’s fashion industry: Prps and Prps Japan Noir . Every characteristic of every garment produced by Prps is representative of the brands penchant for meticulousness. No detail, no matter how small, goes overlooked; creating the best jeans to date. Your pair of Prps will last, allowing you to live in them to create your own imprint. Prps premium jeans are “Bruised, Never Broken.”

PRPS Japan Noir

Prps Japan Noir offers bespoke jeans of the utmost excellence. Demand outstrips supply each season, due to NOIR’s rigorous handcrafted process at every stage of manufacture; and the exclusivity of our washes. In the rarefied uplands of Prps NOIR, the streets go elite. Individually dyed with natural indigo, the feel of this raw organic Japanese cotton, is breathtakingly fresh. The whiskering is distinctive and finely textured. Each loving stitch and rip suggests a job well done. NOIR jeans’ uniquely deep, strong, selvedge ensures infinite wear and expresses the depth of Prps’ commitment to our styles and our wearers.


Prps guarantees a well made sturdy, lifestyle collection for any adventure. A serious selection of items spanning from jeans to ready to wear any man and woman can need, designed for every aspect of life. Made in the spirit of the original denim pioneers, whose time and thought was focused on craft. Discover jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, and tops all utilizing innovating techniques. Each stage of fabrication is a celebration of design and individuality. Reflecting natural realities, Prps artfully seasoned jeans are fabricated from the finest cotton, depending on where the crop is strongest. For peace of mind, all jeans feature our trademark folded back pocket. The stark growing conditions produce its pearly white color and silky texture.