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Men's Denim Shorts

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As the weather heats up for the summer, you'll want to store your Prps jeans for the season and break out the shorts. Why settle for pairs that don't fit you the way Prps does? If you love the fit and look of Prps, you'll be happy to know you never have to forfeit it in the summer heat. We offer a full line of men's denim shorts that have the exact washed and selvedge quality as our jeans. In this collection, we feature the Challenger fit denim shorts as well as our wildly comfortable Terry cloth shorts. We've got you covered for both busy weekdays and lounge-ready weekends.

Our Challenger men's denim shorts come in the washes and styles that embody what the summer is all about. With a lived-in appeal, we've designed these shorts with rips, paint, patches, repairs, and raw edges for a customized look. While the weather is warm, it's all about getting out there and enjoying it. Wear them in the city or the countryside; either way, the craftsmanship of our denim is durable enough to hold true for dozens of more summers. They offer a little bit of stretch too, so they'll be comfortable on walks, bike rides, and whatever else you've got planned. We also offer the French Terry Shorts, which are perfect for virtually anything calling for a relaxed fit. Stopping just above the knee, these shorts feature three pockets, a drawstring, and raw edges for a stylish flair. Our other Terry Shorts options feature tapered side seams instead of raw edges should you prefer a more sportsman appeal. These will fit without sagging or appearing too loose yet won't feel too tight either. Offered in several colorways and designs, these will be your new go-to for weekends, the gym, errands, and more. Whether you wear our denim or cloth shorts, you'll always look put together and ready to take on the day or night. No matter which season it is, you can take Prps with you anywhere. If you have any questions about our inventory of men's denim shorts, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.