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Men's Windsor Fit Jeans

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At Prps, we highly value the craftsmanship and production of antiquated—though superior—means of jean creation. Bringing a fusion of relaxed silhouettes with avant-garde detailing, our Windsor jeans showcase our expertise in both style and creation.

Premium construction begins with premium textile materials then worked in with vintage techniques and looms. This result ends with a vast Windsor jean collection only available directly from us that will surely fit any style you need. Jeans being the most versatile and iconic part of any man's wardrobe, you'll find a pair that will be perfect to lounge, work, play or for a night out.

The Windsor Kingsburg showcase the versatility of cargo pants with the hearty, long-lasting richness of washed black fit for any outfit. Our black denim Windsor Belvedere jeans with our patented abrasion, tears, and repairs will feel like an old familiar pair made just for you. The detailed stitching all over the front of our best selling Belvedere Jeans is an exceptional addition to an already magnificent piece of denim. If black denim isn't to your taste, then the classic grey Huron Jeans will turn heads just as well with their distinctive heavy bleach patterns and bold black patches. Other jeans in this thrilling Windsor, men's skinny jeans gathering show off artistic aesthetic with fresh light washes and artfully splattered paint, skillfully strewn bleach, vintage textiles with new design, brilliant and head-turning white slim fits with patchwork and hints of color were all made with the same passion to authentic production.

No two jeans will ever be alike, yet every single piece of denim found in our Windsor jeans will showcase the superior long-lasting durability of old-world denim formation. Classic and new are beautifully melded together with the highest in new and beloved fashion styles to give every pair its own statement as well as tell your own story how you see fit, comfortably in the knowledge that what you wear is 100% quality denim not found anywhere else.

We make superior jeans for those who adore denim as much as we do, ensuring your jeans make an impact no matter where they're worn.