Designer Artisan Apparel

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The world of fashion is ever-changing, growing, evolving, and exploring. It affects so much more than just what we see in the social aspect. Sustainable fashion is an ever-evolving philosophy and movement that melds environmentally consciousness with social responsibility all while supporting leading innovative minds.

We at Prps have merged the landscapes of artisan clothing, sustainable high fashion with the most brilliant artistic up-and-coming minds. Focused entirely on highlighting better sustainability while supporting budding artists and makers, this is the fashion statement that no other person but you will ever own.

Since this artisan clothing collection is made with some of the most expressive minds out there, like Creative King and Miami-based GALA artists none of these rare pieces will be exactly like the other. This makes this collection one of the rarest collaborations between Prps, Atelier & Repairs as well as amazing young artists you'll find anywhere else.

Our unique traditional, old-world approach to our denim, from the organic cotton to the looming process creates a lowered C02 emission from the beginning, but repurposing them brings that emission to a complete and beautifully better 0.

Our mission with this sustainable designer collection is a promise to the denim lovers around the world to be more conscious of all that we do and what we create. A reflection of the importance of our planet and a celebration of the creative minds and artists that will inherit the earth behind us. Repurposing and reimagining the visionary lines of our most iconic trends to create something new without leaving a footprint is what this artisan clothing is all about.

This select variety of sustainable high-fashion is a whimsical look at what the future can hold and what barriers we can break. The world of fashion, including Prps, is always changing. We're always striving to make our garments an evolving part of the bespoke luxury denim world. These art-inspired collabs and creations come with detailing that meld the best of both worlds of sustainable fashion and new, bright ideas from young creators that will never go out of style.