Up to 95% Less Water

By utilizing nano bubble, Ozone and
laser technologies in our laundry,
our jeans use up to 95% less water in
the washing and finishing processes
against standard washing practices.

Low Impact Chemicals

All our hydroless denims use the
latest in low impact chemicals
and with the use of our nano bubble
technology can reduce chemical use
by up to 50% against standard
washing practices.

Recycled Yarns

We recycle all our fabric wastage
into other fabrics to minimize waste.

Nano Bubble Technology

The latest innovation in washing - Nano
bubbles allow us to apply low impact
chemicals and elements to our denims
using Air rather than water, reducing our
impact on the environment & saving
water usage.

Laser Finishing

Our 3D twin laser finishing system
allows us to apply denim details
and specialised textures and finishes
at increased speeds and accuracy
whilst achieving more depth and detail.

Garment Impact Measurement

We give all products an EIM score
based on the benchmark classification
certified from Jeanologia
as seen below.