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Prps Basics Jean Collection for Men

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Basics. A word that is defined as meaning of, relating to, or forming a base. A fundamental platform that can support many different things. You can't build anything stable without a strong, well-made base. This ideal has been part of Prps Jeans since our very beginning in 2002. We knew and understood that Japanese denim creation had an unshakeable foundation steeped in tradition and that is how we became one of the premier jean companies in America.

From this well-built base came our ageless hand-picked gathering of Prps basics you'll find here. Basic jeans mean they are anything but. Our fan-favorite, exceptional washes in addition to our professional dye or whiskering have been painstakingly attended to. Our attention to getting every single detail right about our men's jeans is one of the many reasons why denim lovers all over the globe made Prps Basics part of their essential jean collection.

You'll find absolutely everything the denim-fashionista could want in a myriad of styles and fits. The Le Sabre – Black is a raw denim lover's dream, a non-stretch button fly made from 100% organic Japanese cotton. For the honeycomb aficionados, the Le Sabre 6 month wash has the much sought-after train tracks and attractive stacking many jean collectors adore. For the seasoned denim collector, the Le Sabre-Rinse will be an addictive must-have for the season's top denim looks.

There's so much to be found in our basic jeans that make them anything but just basic. Our slow and thorough process, from the finest cotton textiles to the Japanese loom, to how every stitch, abrasion and flawless master-craftsmen distressing is made—goes into every step of our exclusive jeans. We take the time to make heirloom quality denim that is made to last as long as and out-perform mass-produced denim you might find anywhere else.

The Prps Basics collection was made by those who love their denim as much as our fans and customers do, too. So we understand what goes into making quality garments, beginning to end. Shop our Basic jeans and you'll soon find your ultimate pair for every occasion. If you want to keep on top of the hottest denim trends, be in the know before anyone else, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media. If you have any questions about these luxury jeans, contact us any time, we'd love to hear from our cherubs.