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Barracuda - Selvedge 13.75 Oz. Raw


Back to the absolute, beauteous basics. The love affair between Prps and denim is known for our empathy for the enduring blue fabric that has survived stress and we find beauty in what some see as blemishes. But here is where every weather beaten, shredded, patched and stained fragment of denim began -- raw, pure denim in an unblemished blue. In this instance, raw actually means sophisticated. Our raw denim has an extra texture and depth. Of course, we have our special touches -- the extra deep selvedge cuff, a crisp white flash trim on the coin pocket, the trademark kick-pleat in-pocket back fold and that zig-zag lightning stitching, bronze against the blue, flashing right across our brown leather label. As always, our logo, our Cherub, is Bruised But Not Broken. Yes, this is where everything begins.
- Barracuda Straight Leg
- 100% Cotton, 13.75 Oz.

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