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Le Sabre - Rossetti Jeans for Men

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Life can be intense with so many emotions, personalities, side-hustles, playing the game and working hard. There's no script to how one day or the next will go. Sometimes it can rip you up a little bit mind, body, and soul—but you get back up and keep going—bruised, never broken.

Prps Le Sabre – Rosetti jeans are the ultimate tribute to our long-standing cherubs. These jeans have gone through it, as you have, and survived. Stronger and more durable despite being absolutely destroyed, blue panel inserts bring new-world modern touches to old-world techniques that have allowed our denim to outperform the rest.

Jeans in their primordial form, reshaped once more to tell a denim story that's undeniable to all that see it. These Prps Le Sabre – Rossetti jeans are a product of an extremely long, laborious process of artistic vision and design in the fashion world. The extreme distressing on these jeans require they be executed manually by an expert craftsman with excruciating attention to detail, performed by real masters who consider denim canvas their art.

Japanese denim unrivaled in quality has been systematically deconstructed to create something visually consuming. The tapered, skinny stretch allows for slim comfort and comes with zipper fly. The entire experience of the Prps Le Sabre – Rossetti jeans is a strong statement that backs our axiom perfectly. These jeans embody the bruised, never broken philosophy we've held since 2002 and will look amazing regardless of year, season or wherever you end up.

The difference in care and the caliber of our jeans can not only be seen immediately but can be felt by touch instantly. These jeans require no pre-shrinkage and previous wear to break them in, they're comfortable the moment you wear them.

Fit & Sizing:

  • Tapered, Skinny stretch
  • Zipper Fly
  • Leg Opening: 12.5”
  • Front Rise: 8.75”
  • Inseam: 34.5”
  • 99% Cotton/ 1% Spandex